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We have moved:

We have moved!

The bad news: Due to unfortunate circumstances, we have moved the event. The biggest issue is parking. There wasn't a lot of parking in the first place, and that caused us a lot of stress last year. The issue is compounded this year by a couple of things. First, the arena is now "in use", which means that it has about six inches of sand in it, and cannot be used for overflow parking. The second is that several trees came down over the winter in our parking area, and we were under the impression that Ride To Walk would be able to get them cleared for the event. They don't have the bandwidth to do so, and I don't have a log truck or bulldozer to get it done myself.

We love Kris and the mission of Ride to Walk, but there are other contributing factors that I won't delve into. I'm very sorry to say that we won't be moving forward with the Ride To Walk Endurance Race in the future. We wish them well. Rest assured that any "additional donations" that you all made when signing up this year will go straight to them.

The good news: we have found an amazing location in Rocklin, just a few minutes from Ride To Walk. April and I live across the street and walk the trails on a regular basis, and we think you are going to love it.  It's called the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area.

This location features:

  • a 1.1 mile loop. Your tenth mile is "free"

  • 200 Paved parking spaces

  • Virtually unlimited space to set up along the course

  • Dogs are allowed, as long as someone is watching them and they are not on the course with you (and you pick up after them)

  • Alcohol is allowed- but no glass bottles, and no getting drunk- or we will ask you to Uber home.

  • No breathing or smelling horse manure.

The 2023 race is live at Ultrasignup.

Please see for full details, and thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition. We will still do everything we can to make sure you have an amazing weekend.

~Craig and April

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