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New Race, New Owner!


For personal reasons, April and I will not be continuing the Ride To Walk Endurance Race. However, the reaction to the new venue in Rocklin was so awesome last year that we didn't want to leave you high and dry.

Enter Brian Goldman at Everyday Endurance Races. Brian will be your new Race Director. He is an ultrarunner, serial volunteer, and all-around great guy. While the race will be the same format, he is going to bring his enthusiasm and love for ultra events, and put his own spin on things. I think you are really going to love the new event! All your favorite races will still be there, whether 6/12/24/48 or 100 is your jam. But if you are a real glutton for punishment, I'm looking at a 72 hour button right now! Same loop, same great new location at Sunset Whitney. He might even have Pop-Tart bites...

Check out or go to to register!

Thank you all for your continued support over the last five years. It has been an absolute joy meeting and serving each one of you. While I will miss being your RD, I'll enjoy being a fellow participant. I'll see you out there!

Happy loops,



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