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Registration open for 2023!
The Ride To Walk Endurance Race - September 23rd-24th, 2023

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"But I can't run for six hours!!"

You don't have to.. You can run, walk, take breaks, nosh at the aid station, even take a nap if you wish.  We've had people walk three miles in the six hour, and others run forty miles in the same race.  This is a fun, safe, friendly environment to run for as long as you want.

Timed loop races are a different breed from your usual marathon, or ultramarathon. A mid-pack guy like me will never see the fast guys and gals - they start at the front, are gone in a flash, and are showered and lounging around the hotel by the time I cruise across the finish line. At a timed event, you go around the same loop with the fast folks, and as such, you get to spend time with them. I have walked and ran laps with amazing people like Ann Trason, Ed "The Jester" Ettinghausen, Yolanda Holder, Jamil Coury, and Karen Bonnett Natraj. Picking their brain is an invaluable experience.

In addition, timed events are just more social overall. You come through the start\finish line every quarter mile to couple of miles, depending on the loop length - so you get to know the Race Director, the timing guys, the aid station volunteers, the runner and crew in the tent next to you. Everyone is friendly, happy, and encouraging. You can set up your own little camp, and change shorts, or socks, or shoes when you want. You can nap if you want. You can leave, go to a hotel, and shower if you want. But the clock is always ticking...

 If you've never given a timed event a shot, try one. I promise you will love it. You don't have to be "elite". You don't have to "run" for 24 hours, or even 6. It's your race at your pace.


Runner Feedback:

"One of my life's highlights"

"Well Organized, great course. The timing was superior. I liked being able to see where I was every time I crossed the timing mat."

"The lap distance was perfect and the view was incredible"

"Great people putting it on. All of you really cared!"

"it was a very fun and challenging event. I will do it again for sure!"

"I loved the energy - all of us getting the work done shouting encouraging words at each other - I wish I signed up for the 24 event and will next year"

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