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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pose with\pet\touch the horses at Ride To Walk?

   -Please, no. Some of the horses are extremely skittish and easily stressed. Ride To Walk has asked that we do not bother the horses in any way, even if some appear to be friendly. We could lose the venue if people continue to bother the horses, so please resist the urge, no matter how awesome they are. It's tough for us, too.

Are you a non-profit or not-for-profit?

   -No. Thunder Ultras itself is a race direction/promotion company that intends to make a profit. Future races may or may not benefit any charity, although the Ride To Walk Endurance Race will always benefit Ride To Walk.

Do you work for Ride To Walk?

   -No, I am an IT manager at a large casino by day, and a runner by night. My wife and I had been to several functions at Ride To Walk. I wanted to put together some timed-loop races in our area, and my wife suggested that I ask Ride To Walk if we could put a race on their property. We met, we liked each other a lot. The rest is history.

How much of my entry fee goes to Ride To Walk?

   -Ride To Walk gets an agreed-upon percentage of gross registration fees, right off the top. They get paid before anyone else, including me. Year one, I lost money on the event- but Ride To Walk got a check. I liken it to paying to use a park, or permitting a trail. The only difference is that Ride To Walk is a charitable organization.

Can I deduct my entry fee from my taxes?

   -Generally, no. While Ride To Walk appreciates the donation, it would be too complicated to split up the donations across all entrants. As with most races, your entry fee is not deductible.

Can we camp\set up pop-ups\tables\personal aid stations?

   -Yes! See the race page for details, but all of the above are allowed.

What is the minimum age for entry?

   -We ask that all entrants be at least eight years old. We love the little ones, but they are unpredictable, and we don't want a little getting ran over by a big, fast, racer because they dart underfoot while being passed.

Do you provide meals for "special" diets?

   -Not intentionally. There may or may not be something that you can eat at the aid station, but if you are concerned about a special diet, please feel free to supplement with your own aid station and food.

What about packet pickup?

   -See the race page for specifics, but generally packet pickup will be at the race site the night before the race, as well as the morning of.

Do I have to enter to be eligible for raffle prizes?

   -Nope, just send a postcard or note to Thunder Ultras, 4490 Midas Ave, Rocklin CA 95677, include your name and contact info, as well as the item you are entering for.

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